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St. Mary Outreach, Inc. (est. Oct. 25, 1985)

St. Mary outreach is a private, nonprofit, emergency service agency. Established in 1985 as primarily a food bank to meet the growing need of the community in the Tri-City area, today St. Mary Outreach has grown to be so much more! Today we offer a food pantry, a clothing closet, hygiene, cleaning supplies, baby diapers and formula, adult diapers, rental and utility assistance, as well as life-sustaining medications, when funding is available. Our mission is to assist patrons in their dire time of need, to prevent hunger and homelessness and strive to obtain adequate care for the needy. St. Mary Outreach relies on the donations from foundations, civic organizations, churches, local businesses, as well as individuals in the community.  We also hold several fundraisers throughout the year to be able to meet the needs in our community. Each and every perspective client is screened to assess their emergency need. St. Mary Outreach serves approximately 350 to 450 individuals a month, with that number tripling in October, November and December. We participate in the screening of individuals for the Marine Corps Toys For Tots and also partner with Morgan City Police Department as an agency that participates in accepting community service workers. Our local area schools are a huge help in raising canned goods as well as monetary donations, and providing countless hours of student volunteers. The two largest food drives are the Stamp Out Hunger food drive sponsored by the United States Postal Service held every second Saturday in May and the Food Net Food for Families food drive held during the first part of December. But, we need your help all year long because hunger is not a seasonal need. 

St. Mary Outreach is a private, non-profit, and tax-exempt corporation, which is organized on a non-stock basis.  Although there are no stockholders, our organization utilizes a corporate structure similar to a for-profit organization. Members elect a board of trustees, which includes a president, vice-president, secretary, and a  treasurer.

St. Mary Outreach Building

St. Mary Outreach Building

The board also employs an executive director who is responsible for day-to-day Outreach operations, many of which are discussed and evaluated at monthly board meetings alongside financial matters, program activities, goals, and the effectiveness of the programs administered by Outreach. At present, our office staff includes two part-time and two full-time employees, as well as several volunteers for whom we’re very grateful. Finally, we’re proud to mention our volunteer advisory committee, which reviews applications for rent and utility assistance.

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St. Mary Outreach, Inc.
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