St. Mary Outreach, Inc.

St. Mary Outreach, Inc.

Food and Hygiene Pantry and Clothing Room
The Outreach center supports a food and hygiene pantry to accommodate the general and specific needs of our patrons. We aim to provide a well-balanced diet, including special needs, as economically as possible.  We also have a clothing room available.

Emergency Medical Assistance
We will  fund the purchase of emergency, non-narcotic, life-sustaining medication, when funding is available.

Energy and Shelter
We are fortunate to work alongside the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), which provides funds for shelter assistance to those in need. Outreach also receives aid from Helping Hands for utilities. These funds are restricted however, and can only be used under certain guidelines. An advisory board has been set up to consider patrons for possible assistance.

Infant Assistance
Outreach assists parents and guardians with diapers, formula and clothing.

Elderly Assistance
Outreach also assists our elderly patrons with personal hygiene garments and nutritional drinks, based on medical need.

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St. Mary Outreach, Inc.
608 1st Street, Suite 102
Morgan City, LA 70380
Phone: 985-385-0525

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